About Xtreme

Xtreme digital is an Egyptian-Saudi company specialized in submitting
(digital services) and for the company big history in working from 2005 till now , the company is submitting a lot of important services which serve their customers Various segments either if they are organizations or


Social media marketing
Web Development
Web Design
Media Production
stages of work


must specify the goals to be achieved in your marketing campaign on “Facebook” – “Google” – “Twitter” …. etc


Understand the target group very well and examine how to reach them


A precise plan is drawn up to achieve the desired objectives


The plan is carried out in a systematic and orderly manner with the necessary analysis work to study the Ad Campaign following its end

Technical support
Our technical support service is characterized by high level of seriousness and professionalism
suitable price
We offer very suitable prices given the quality of service provided
Modern designs
We offer a high level of modern designs to suit the nature of work
Professional team
We have an integrated technical team with a high degree of experience
We are proud of our credibility in front of our clients and our ability to achieve what we have agreed upon from the outset
We have many years of experience in various fields of software, hosting and e-marketing
Why Xtreme?

Xtreme is presenting their services by high level of professionalism and
efficiency in our specialty and we are working in all the fields of the digital services such as:

Web design on the latest possible level high design In addition to hosting
services and e-marketing on the Internet through search engines or social networking sites (social Media), In addition to providing solutions and
consulting in many fields such as e-commerce and hosting of all kinds and we aim by this to present high services and by sophisticated for the client to be continuously satisfied, because the satisfaction of the costumer is our real target and continuity is the pinnacle of success for us because we
believe in the importance of stability and consistency in the long term for our partnership with the client.

Satisfied Clients
Our Customers

Xtreme company dealing with a large segment of different customers, whether in Egypt or the Gulf in various fields of service sites and major companies and well-known brands and positions in the field of “electronic commerce”


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